Who is this “G. Fling” guy anyway?

Hi, kids! I did a minicomic called “Flung” way back in the late 90s that was stocked in Seattle shops and also found its way all over the place via some distribution and the newfangled Internet. I got a little mired up in a combination of distro woes and story dead ends and ended up giving up the ghost.

But a recent dig into a box of old comicbook diaries reminded me of how rewarding it is to do comics, so I’ve started doing them again. And stumbling across the Phase 7 minicomic at Elliott Bay Books led me to the author’s Print-On-Demand reprint of his earlier issues on Lulu.com, which got me thinking about such things for my own stuff. Go to the Comics page for info about my new collections!

I periodically post new short comics on my blog – click “blog” above to read the latest.

I also make music as “Fullrotor” and play drums in various outfits – check the Links page for the details.

Besides comics, I am interested playing and listening to music, taking stereo slides with my old Stereo Realist camera and collecting vintage View-Master reels and Tru-Vue filmstrips, watching things what is funny, and other things I forget at the moment.

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