Time marches on, but vitamins help

Posted in Comics January 31, 2008

I’m working on a collection of the first three Flung issues plus some extra stuff. This is part of the extra: it’s a short section I cut from the main story of Flung #2. It comes near the end, and I’ve included the panels from right before and right after for anyone who has the comic so you can see where it would have gone. If not, during the story, I end up in Vancouver, B.C. with some cruise ship musicians and we end up talking to some women working on the street, and hilarity ensues. No, not quite. Anyway, this takes place the next morning, right before we drive back down to Seattle:

…and on to the rest of the story as published. I cut this because it really was extraneous and didn’t advance the narrative, but it’s fun to let it see the light of day anyway.

Guided By Comics

Posted in Comics January 9, 2008

One from the archives…back when Guided By Voices was going through drummers like Spinal Tap, I (being a drummer-type myself) decided to campaign by mail for the position. After handing Bob Pollard a tape in person at a show, I later mailed a video of some friends and I playing some GBV covers, a CD, and the original (!) of this comic. Alas, I did not get the gig.