Meet Chap Gmunderson

Posted in Comics February 5, 2008
Meet Chap Gmunderson
Posted in Reviews by Chap February 5th, 2008 by Greg

For the past couple years I have occasionally written reviews under the name Chap Gmunderson, mainly to amuse myself. Mr. Gmunderson is a big fan of Dr. Phil and Oprah. I will occasionally post one here, hopefully for your amusement. Enjoy!

The Oprah and Dr. Phil Connection: Their Lives, Career, and Philosophies on Successful Living
by Gary J. Fuller

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5 StarsBehind the Scenes of the best!, January 26, 2005

By Chap Gmunderson

I thought I knew most of the facts about Dr. Phil and Oprah, but I was wrong until I settled down in front of my space heater with this book, which details their connection all the way back to their first awkward encounters and subsequent fireworks (Dr. Phil and Oprah). In addition to pointing out that “Oprah” is “Harpo” spelled backwards (we learn that her parents were huge Marx Brothers fans, and that her little brother “Ohcuorg” felt the naming tradition was a stigmata), we learn about how their meeting took place at a Beef trial, and the rest is history, but is spelled out in the book in pleasurable detail and with aplomb. Although they have never been married, the rumor that Dr. Phil is actually Steadman is quickly “put to rest” by this book (and in addition, they both have mustaches but Dr. Phil’s predates Steadman’s by six years!). I really liked being taken behind the scenes and touring the backsides of these great storied individuals. Hurrah for this book! I heartily recommend it for your reading pleasures.