Chap reviews Dr. Phil

Posted in Comics February 10, 2008
Chap reviews Dr. Phil
Posted in Reviews by Chap February 10th, 2008 by Greg

Another of my reviews by “Chap Gmunderson”. Enjoy.

drphilselfmatters.jpg Self Matters: Creating Your Life from the Inside Out
by Phillip C. McGraw

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2stars.gifDisappointed for the First Time by Dr. Phil, sad, January 27, 2005

By Chap Gmunderson

As a longtime Dr. Phil and Oprah fan, I got this book with the highest of expectancy. However, I find it to be full of advice which if followed, would not be as effective as that in his previous tomes. Obviously we create our lifes from the inside out. How else would this happen? Outside-in is just backwards and leaves a hollow person like one of those chocolate rabbits that aren’t as good as the solid ones and ruin Easter. This is the type of obvious logic which runs rampart in this book of Dr. Phil. The lack of input of Oprah is also sorely lacking, and may be the reason for my disappointment. Normally I find his “get real” Phil-osophy (get it?) to be a breath of fresh air, but here it is “over the edge” – when